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Rural Outreach Support Achieves ASES Accreditation

30th April 2024

Rural Outreach Support has proudly achieved the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) accreditation, valid through 28 February 2027. This accreditation marks a significant recognition of our commitment to quality and continuous improvement in service delivery.

ASES guides community organisations through a rigorous process of self-assessments and external evaluations. This prestigious accreditation is valid for three years and underscores our dedication to maintaining high standards across various organisational principles. These include a focus on customer outcomes, accountability, continuous learning, valuing diversity, collaborative work practices, evidence-based decision making, and social responsibility.

Accreditation by ASES provides independent confirmation that an organisation meets stringent criteria, ensuring quality and performance assurance for stakeholders including staff, managers, funding bodies, and clients. Rural Outreach Support remains dedicated to upholding these standards, fostering an environment of excellence and innovation in our service delivery.